What is Co-Creation?

Co-Creation. The concept that is at the very heart of everything that we do. If you're wondering what exactly this Co-Creation business is all about, start here. 

In this article, VP, Marketing David Gardner starts at the beginning, contrasting Co-Creation with crowdsourcing, then goes on to describe practical steps to help you get started.

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The Impact of Co-Creation on Innovation & Brand Engagement [Infographic]

When talking about Co-Creation in your organization, you might find yourself discussing its merits with a skeptic. Or maybe you're a skeptic yourself. That's cool with us. We've got strong numbers to support the case for Co-Creation, and we'd love to share them with you. 

In this article, we highlight some challenges companies face when trying to innovation, customer insight facts, changes in the world of innovation and customer experience, and present a case study showcasing Co-Creation at its most effective.

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The Benefits of Co-Creation: 4 reasons your CX team should Co-Create with customers

Likely more than any other group of corporate professionals, Customer Experience teams require interaction with consumers. Beyond mere interaction, your CX team should graduate to Co-Creation. 

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Chad Neufeld, gives you 4 key reasons that your CX team needs to move past intercept interviews and into the world of Co-Creation.

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6 Key Areas for Customer Co-Creation and Brand Collaboration

So how can Co-Creation be used in your organization? Well, we've gone into detail about how Co-Creation can be utilized for new product development, but there are a number of ways that departments like Customer Experience, Marketing, Research, and others can use Co-Creation to make their lives better and your company more successful. 

In this article, VP, Marketing David Gardner lists 6 major ways that brands utilize Co-Creation. If you're looking for an article to share with your colleagues in different departments to get them on board with Co-Creation, this is the article. 

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What You Need for Successful Customer Co-Creation 

It isn't enough to have the freshest ingredients, and a top-of-the-line kitchen; In order to bake a cake, you also need a recipe. So in the act of Co-Creation, what are the ingredients, kitchen, and recipe. 

In this article, the esteemed Dr. Sharon McIntyre, PHD, our Chief Social Scientist, teaches a lesson on Co-Creation, explaining what you need in order to bake a delicious collaborative cake (or create an amazing new product).

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How to Launch a Co-Creative Community

This is the part of the show where we break down a clear path to Co-Creation success. In five practical steps, Judy Garvey, community manager extraordinaire explains how you can launch a Co-Creative community. 

This is the How-To you need to get started.

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Ultimate Guide to Product Co-Creation

A Co-Creative community can be utilized by an organization or a government in order to develop a well of innovators and contributors that they can call on to help solve the challenges of the future. At the same time, the process of Co-Creation can be used to surface specific product innovations. 

We have a specific method and workflow for innovation and creativity.

In this article, Steve Denning, Lead Innovation Program Designer here at Chaordix, masterfully explains the five phases that make up this method, complete with with examples. 

If you're going to read one of these articles today, make it this one.

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The LEGO Ideas Story: How brands can take a page out of LEGO’s co-creation and innovation playbook

Our largest and most successful Co-Creative community, LEGO Ideas, is an incubator for new product ideas that has birthed over 20 LEGO kits, nearly all of which have been instant hits and have gone on to sell out completely. We've learned a lot from this incredible group of over a million community members, and from the massive successes their products have been.

In this article, VP, Marketing David Gardner shares some of the practical learnings we've taken from LEGO Ideas, like why you should provide a process for creativity, and how to leverage brand fans. 

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5 Steps to Create Marketing Content With Customers

Whimsical brand advertising is a secret pleasure for many people, and can endear a brand to the public, but when it comes to product advertising, there is no better source for insights than existing consumers. 

Digital Marketing Manager Chad Neufeld applies the five phases of the Chaordix innovation method to the process of Co-Creating marketing content with your brand's biggest fans, making an argument for a more democratic path to creative excellence.

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How Co-Creation Impacts the Customer Experience

In some ways, the world has been made smaller by technology. Connecting with friends, colleagues or strangers in a different country is nearly instantaneous. At the same time, online communities, invisible to anyone who isn't included, have established a layer of communication and information-sharing that did not exist a few decades ago. 

In this article, VP, Marketing David Gardner explains how these online communities can be utilized by brands to understand and improve the customer experience.

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Busting Customer Co-Creation Myths

You won't find an innovation method that doesn't have its share of misconceptions and myths. A few myths have sprouted up about Co-Creation, despite some of the world's largest brands launching communities and innovating with the help of their fans. 

In this article, our Chief Social Scientist, Sharon McIntyre, tackles 5 myths that have cropped up, adequately dispelling them with the help of a few fun memes.

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Technology to Power Co-Creation

Chaordix is a global leader in Co-Creation software. Our Participation Platform powers some of the world's most successful Co-Creation communities for brands like LEGO, Ford, Rust-Oleum, HTC, IBM, and more.

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