The CINO's Guide to Open Innovation 

Learn how to effectively manage open innovation in a social, mobile world by collaborating with customers, partners and external experts on product development and improvements.
The CINO's Guide to Open Innovation

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Learn how to master any open innovation program and innovation challenge in the age of social and mobile. Discover how leading brands, such as GE, Ford and H&M have shifted traditional R&D methods to those which are more community-oriented, by collaborating with a team of external co-creators. Dive into the Chaordix methodology for co-creation by following our five-step guide for product development, and understand the role crowdsourcing software plays in the open innovation process.
Learn how leading brands manage successful open innovation   
Understand how to conduct research with customers & tech startups
Learn how to lead co-creation for  product development

About the Author


Neya Abdi
Content Writer & Storyteller

Neya is a startup storyteller who covers innovation, participation marketing, business development, and customer engagement. Her limitless curiosity drives her to learn how organizations progress from idea generation to successful implementation in order to delight customers, make positive social contributions, and generate revenue. She lives in Toronto. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 The new R&D: Successful open innovation programs & contests
Chapter 2 Conducting research with customers and tech startups
Chapter 3 How to manage an innovation challenge
Chapter 4 Co-creation for new product development or improvement
Chapter 5 The role of crowdsourcing software in open innovation