Ebook: Growing Customer Value

How to Nurture Customers and Uncover New Value for Your Brand
Ebook Image: Growing Customer Value


What You Will Learn

Customer value is often reduced to how much folks spend on your products and services. Traditional formulas for calculating customer value focus on dollars spent over a customer's life span. But leading marketers are recognizing that customer value can be much, MUCH more than just the revenue they generate themselves.

What if we calculated our customers’ value in terms of importance, benefit, and helpfulness rather than just their worth in dollars and cents? Customers add value in ways well beyond the dollar value of their purchases, and an online community helps you tap into this value. 

By the end of this 10 page ebook, you’ll start to look at customer value through a broader lens, and you’ll have the knowledge and insights to start generating more value for your own brand.

How consumers can provide insights that drive better decisions
Why consumers are often best equipped to support one another
How user generated content can be harnessed to drive revenue

About the Authors

Shannon & Chad

Written by Shannon King & Chad Neufeld
Illustration & Design by Kate Prescesky

Chad is the Marketing Director at Chaordix and spends most of the day thinking (and writing) about online communities and the rest of the day worrying about losing an AirPod. Shannon is an established creative and writer, and has spent the past decade writing for small startups and iconic Canadian brands. Chad and Shannon share a passion for digital writing and online spaces.

Main Sections

Chapter 1 Customer value: turn the value up
Chapter 2 The kale connoisseur
Chapter 3 There's an online community for that
Chapter 4 Customer value flywheel
Chapter 5 The new customer valuation