The Marketer's Guide to Customer Participation 

Learn how the most customer-centric brands co-create new products, marketing content and a better customer experience directly with customers.
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What's In the eBook?

A brave new world of customer engagement! Through this guide, marketing and customer experience professionals will gain an understanding of how participation marketing works and why co-creation drives smarter innovation and an engaged community of passionate customers. Featuring real case studies from LEGO, Airbnb, Harley-Davidson and more!

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The basics of participation marketing and co-creation
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How co-creation impacts brand and product innovation
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Why leading brands are building their own co-creative communities

About the Author


Neya Abdi
Content Writer & Storyteller

Neya is a startup storyteller who covers innovation, participation marketing, business development, and customer engagement. Her limitless curiosity drives her to learn how organizations progress from idea generation to successful implementation in order to delight customers, make positive social contributions, and generate revenue. She lives in Toronto. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 What is participation marketing?
Chapter 2 Steps to becoming a participation brand
Chapter 3 Building culture to support co-creation
Chapter 4 What you need for successful co-creation
Chapter 5 How co-creation impacts the customer experience
Chapter 6 The ROI - return on involvement - of participation