Top 10 Practical Lessons for Building Customer Co-Creation Communities

Our most valuable learnings from ten years of customer participation
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What's In the eBook?

Co-Creation may be intimidating, especially if you are new to the practice, but over the past ten years we've uncovered a number of practical lessons that prove that becoming a participative brand, one who uses Co-Creation to innovate, is entirely possible for nearly every organization. 

This ebook dives into ten practical lessons from our experience building some of the world's largest and most successful crowdsourcing and Co-Creation communities. We hope that you can infuse them into your Co-Creation practice and see the kind of results that we have. 

Here are a few tidbits:

Building a community that's consistent with your brand builds trust
Taking an editorial approach, similar to magazines sustains interest over the long term
Points & scoreboards can be good for some business challenges, but destructive for others

About the Author


Neya Abdi
Content Writer & Storyteller

Neya is a startup storyteller who covers innovation, participation marketing, business development, and customer engagement. Her limitless curiosity drives her to learn how organizations progress from idea generation to successful implementation in order to delight customers, make positive social contributions, and generate revenue. She lives in Toronto. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 A seamless brand experience builds trust
Chapter 2 True communities need time to mature
Chapter 3 Designing variety into your activities ensures broader participation
Chapter 4 An Editorial Approach to Programming Reduces Attrition
Chapter 5 Unstructured spaces uncover powerful insights
Chapter 6 An over-reliance on leaderboards can destroy customer engagement
Chapter 7 Multi-phase creativity workflows are more productive than simple idea contests
Chapter 8 Reduce bias in selecting winners with scorecard assessments
Chapter 9 Involve the community in go-to-market activities
Chapter 10 Treat this as a powerful enterprise innovation channel and staff accordingly